We Are Looking For A Few
Good Companies To Partner With

Join us as part of our Partner team, building and deploying fiber network infrastructure across the United States

Partner Program Mission

At BEI, our mission is to help communications providers deliver state-of-the-art network infrastructure projects, better, faster, with less risk, and at an overall lower cost they can do internally.

Our Partner Program is designed to support our mission and put your teams to work. By leveraging the resources, experience, expertise, and local knowledge of companies like yours to help us build and deploy fiber infrastructure networks, we can help put your crews to work, leverage your idle equipment, and help you generate revenue.

  • Generate revenue between projects
  • Put idle resources to work
  • Eliminate capital intensive investments/requirements when bidding on large provider projects
  • Reduce your risk

Why Partner With BEI?

Frankly, we are just different. We are different in our approach to designing, engineering and deploying networks. We are different in how we manage our projects. We are different in how we leverage technology to keep our projects on-time and on-budget. And we are different in how we view you as a Partner.

Our success is dependent upon you being a successful partner with us. Can we put you to work on projects that make you money? Can we remove some of the bureaucracy you normally face in dealing with larger projects? Can we put your teams to work on projects that are well engineered, enabling you to deliver a best in class project without breaking the bank.

Here is what we are looking for from companies to be a part of our BEI Partner Program:

  • You must have your own team (No subbing out)
  • You have your own equipment
  • You have $XXXXX amount in liability insurance
  • You have a reputation for delivering best in class projects.
  • You are ready to go to work

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