Fiber Network
Strategic Planning

Start With Strategy

Client Challenges

  • Our projects are complex and capital intensive. We need to ensure we are building networks in the right markets to maximize consumer revenue and get the best ROI we can
  •  We don’t always have the best data to analyze where we should be investing in our network.
  •  Our team is busy executing and doesn’t always have the time to step back and think strategically
  •  Our CFO wants more detailed analysis than we have the experience and bandwidth to perform

Our Solution

We help organizations develop a strategy for the planning, capital budgeting, design and deployment of complex, capital intensive fiber networks across the United States.

Our team has the experience, technology and expertise to help organizations develop their fiber network strategic plan. We help organizations identify the best use of capital, use market data to help select where to build networks and develop a comprehensive plan that delivers the most cost effective, revenue producing fiber installations.

  • Data Driven Market Analysis
  • Network Engineering
  • Project Scoping & Costing
  • ROI Analysis

Data Driven Market Insights

Blue Edge Infrastructure leverages state-of-the-art proprietary software helping our clients gain competitive insights to target their fiber infrastructure investments.  Our proprietary software allows our clients to quickly evaluate the penetration of fiber in any neighborhood and any city in the nation.

The insights at a market micro area we can deliver to our clients include:

  • The number of homes and size of households
  • The current population
  • The market penetration by provider
  • Home versus business connections
  • The number of current fiber connections
  • The number of current cable connections
  • Fiber penetration rates
  • Home versus business connections
  • Upload and download speeds